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The Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School for Marine & Environmental Science (CBGS) is looking for dynamic and compassionate teachers who want to work in a team-oriented environment. The school provides high-ability students from the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula with a rigorous curriculum through enrichment, exploratory, investigative, and career-awareness experiences. Through the integration of math, science, technology, and research, woven with marine and environmental sciences, students have the opportunity to foster an appreciation and respect for environmental issues.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis for teachers in the following areas:

Qualifications: Vacancies for the 2015-2016 school year: To complete an application, click on the link below and download the pdf document. Mail the completed application to the address at the top of the application form found on the link below. Please note: if you have an application on file, it will remain active for one year and on file for three years.

CBGS Employment Application

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